So you might think that since everyone else is doing it, it’s okay for you to do, too.One thing I learned from my parents is to never ever do anything just because other people are doing it. Because most people are stupid, and if you follow blindly after them, you’ll end up being stupid too.Young women get caught up in the fantasy fairy tale of family life as they see it on television – two parents living happily with their children all under one roof.

What is it that makes young Black women so eager to become a baby momma, sacrificing their freedom, opportunities, education and life goals to have babies for fools?

Why do so many Black females think having a baby out of wedlock is cute and something they need to do?

Yeah, I know 75% or more of Black children are being raised in single parent homes.

And lots of the young women having babies now are represented in that sad statistic.

You’ll know you’re in the game when your man does any of the following: Repeatedly badgers you to “have my baby!

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Tells you that a baby is a blessing from God and that since he is a Christian man he does not believe in abortion, but totally ignores the fact that he is fornicating with a female that is not his wife and whom he has no intention of marrying. d&&"Gecko"==i.product}var j=c,k=f,l=d,m=e;var n;if(b&&a.opera){var o=a.opera.version;"function"==typeof o&&o()}else k?

So the first male that comes into their life and promises to fulfill that void is met with open arms.

If he says the magic words “I love you” followed by “Have my baby so we can be a family” sandwiched with “I’ll take care of you I promise” you think you have finally met the man that will make your sitcom dreams come true.

In reality if he really wanted to be with you, and have a child, and take care of both you and his child as a family man should, he would be doing things an entirely different way.

A man that loves and respects you does not play the Desperately Dumb Baby Momma Okey Doke game.