#serena williams #janetcharlton We almost didn’t recognize Serena Williams in this photo from New York – she looks fantastic!Serena has always loved fashion but it didn’t always love her.On the tennis court this champ amused the crowd with some zany outfits and when she dressed up, she wore shiny, tight fitting clothes that didn’t flatter her muscular physique.

Myra Panache's book of original stories, "Book 1: Short Stories" has been released.

Titles include: "Ballin 4" "Downlow Escort" "Female Assassin" "Above Top Secret" "Inside The Life Of A $1,000 Per Hour Call Girl" (Prequel to $20,000 Per Weekend Call Girl), "Female Seeking Female" (Personal Ad Nightmare) and "Experiments." To order, click on the following link, Book 1: Short Stories by Myra Panache "BLACK CELEBRITES & SECRET SOCIETIES" Jay-Z is extremely powerful, in fact, he may be the most powerful black man in the music industry.

Not only is he a force on the mic but he's also a force behind the scenes.

How many artists can gross $10 million in two weeks-on tour?

Allegations have always persisted that Jay-Z belongs to a secret society.

The most recent rumor implies that he allegedly has dual membership in two secret societies: The Illumanti and the Freemasons.When and if a person has connections to two secret societies, their power is unlimited.) Speaking of which, we’re thinking she cut back on steroids or SOMETHING because her body is still strong, but way more feminine and sleek.Writer: Williams Producer: Fred Rose Released: Nov.'49, Sterling Did not chart This track — a vision of lonesome Americana over a steady beat — was Williams' favorite out of all the songs he wrote.But he worried that the lyrics about weeping robins and falling stars were too artsy for his rural audience, which might explain why the track was buried on the B side of "My Bucket's Got a Hole in It." "Lonesome" didn't catch much attention, but after Williams' death it came to symbolize his whiskey-soaked life, and artists such as Willie Nelson resurrected it, setting the mood for much of the country music that followed.