), but mostly because of all the great greetings I'm getting here and on my My Space.This smile will stay on my face for quite some time!

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“What is so funny to me is I’m in a profession where two percent of people are working,” Lauren explains in the March issue of magazine, adding, “Yet there’s still this implication that you’re not completely successful if you’re single and in your forties. ” premieres on NBC March 2, also claims that her inability to find the right guy comes from one possible character flaw: she says she’s socially awkward.

“I’ve only connected with people I met by accident,” she admits.

“My first boyfriend in high school was the guy who sat in front of me, because, you know, alphabetically, we were soul mates.

I looked at the back of his head long enough that I was like, ‘I think I’m in love with you.'” If only it were as easy as A, B, C, Lauren.

:-) menomegirl, I'll just say your husband and I have something in common with Mr. ;-) billz | January 11, CET billz - happy birthday! In short, I hope it rocks ;-) Saje | January 12, CET Hmmm, I'd heard about a year ago they'd gone kaputnik and he was dating Lauren Grahame.

Mary was so supportive about helping Joss get Serenity made, I hope Marc is a most excellent boyfriend! Charmuse | January 12, CET Happy birthday Marc, you took the 'other guy' and made him just 'the guy', Riley would've been an impossible character to like without your down-to-Earth portrayal. Hope your day's been great up to now and just gets better. Today is also my husband's birthday and one of my sister-in-law's, too..I'm thinking the only celebrating I'll be doing is if they take my cast off. menomegirl | January 11, CET If that's true, gossi, good for them!According to Buffy Guide.com, "Dating status: Dating Mary Parent, Executive VP of Production at Universal Studios; together for over three years". Oh well, hope it was agood one, Marc; I always liked Riley, as a character. Thank you, feigenbaum 7, kurya, newcj, Charmuse, menomegirl, Saje, jlv, QG and Tonya J -- you all ROCK, lmao!!This makes Mary declaring herself a "Whedon stalker" even more amusing to me. And thanks again to Lioness, gossi and maje, who got it started today.gossi | January 11, CET I heard Mary Parent and Marc were married last year..are for sure dating if not. Thanks, QG, for the card, too -- but that band, hmmm, what a bunch of d***s, lol!;-) I'm having a great birthday today, not just because there was beer (actually, like, 1 bottle was quite enough, ewww, there must be better booze than this, lol!