Both lived in California, in a domestic partnership which creates community property rights in a relationship, along with spousal support.

Hailey from 2003 to 2009 starred as Alice Pieszecki, a bisexual journalist, on the L Word.

Then there was the famous photo shoot for Vanity Fair that had her sprawled in a barber’s chair, with supermodel Cindy Crawford sitting astride her in a swimsuit and giving her a wet shave.

Asked by a male journalist what was going through her mind at the time, lang replied: “Pretty much what would have been going through yours in the same circumstance, I imagine” In 1996, she was made an Officer of the Order of Canada. lang and her long term girlfriend Jamie Price have ended their relationship after eight years.

Lang and Price are said to have met back in 2003 through a Buddhist teacher.

.1993 when kd just turned 30 and had reached her commercial peak with the multi-million-selling, Grammy-winning album Ingénue, her life was a whirlwind of Hollywood parties, premieres, awards ceremonies and fashion shows.

After announcing her homosexuality to Rolling Stone magazine, she became the de facto ambassador for the gay community and the coolest lesbian in town.

Among her most vocal champions were the comedian and actress Sandra Bernhard, who was frequently photographed on her arm, and Madonna, who announced: “Elvis is alive, and she’s beautiful.” In Melissa Etheridge’s autobiography, she states that kd and her ex Julie Cypher were lovers for a time.

Melissa and Julie broke up in 2000 (a month after ellen and Ann Heche broke up) In 1996, kd met openly lesbian singer, composer ,actress Leisha Hailey,and they lived together until the relationship ended in 2001.

Kd has spoken on many occasions about how natural it was to be gay.