By Rebecca Murray Julianne Hough started out as a dancer but always intended to add acting in feature films to her resume.With Burlesque, the big screen newcomer is able to combine both talents while starring alongside Cher, Christina Aguilera, Stanley Tucci, and Cam Gigandet.Hough broke onto the scene on the ABC reality series Dancing with the Stars and after putting in a couple of seasons on that popular show, she showed off her vocal skills with a country album.

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' I’m like, ' Well, Georgia is sweet and Nikki is cool.' They’re like, ' If you had to choose? I mean, working with Cher and Stanley Tucci for your first movie doesn’t usually happen every day.

' I’m like, ' Well, Georgia is cool.” No pressure. It’s pretty cool."On absorbing life on a film set and learning the ropes: Julianne Hough: "It was a role where I could really kind of sit back and kind of learn and ask questions and not feel like I should know this, you know what I mean?

So, certain things I was like completely oblivious on. I would learn about it, so when I walked on to Footloose it was like, ' I got this.' Now I can just focus on the performance and not be so worried about, ' Oh, which way should my face be turning?

' That stuff really helped me being able to learn.

I mean, so many great actors are in this that I got to really learn from them and how great they are."On transitioning from dancing on stage to dancing in a movie musical: Julianne Hough: "It’s crazy.

You know, I mean, dancing on the show is like all live so I had that kind of [attitude], ' All right, I go on for five minutes and I’m done.

It’s over.' And then being on set in a movie you do it, it’s 17,000 times and you look at the movie when it’s all cut together and you’re like, ' Oops, I remember that.

“I thought she was somebody really special and an incredible dancer, and drop-dead beautiful. She had that ‘It’ factor."At the Los Angeles press day for the Screen Gems PG-13 musical, Hough provided a look behind the scenes at her feature film acting debut.

On landing a role in Burlesque: Julianne Hough: "I grew up singing, dancing and acting and I just had the opportunity to be on a dance show and so I went along with it - but I’ve always wanted to sing and act.