We’ve discussed “porn for women” before, but I’ve always thought it was a stupid concept.

The LP is available to stream and download on your favorite portal.

Coming in at a whopping 19-tracks, Jadakiss has delivering enough material to satisfy his fans who have been craving new music from one of the deepest voices in music.

The skits provides a humorous insight into Jadakiss' view into the current music industry.

It seems like you guys either love porn (you watch it, you don’t mind if your BF watches it), or you’re totally against it (you think it’s demeaning, you think watching it could be considered cheating).

But truthfully, guys, porn shouldn’t be your enemy.

I can totally understand feeling uncomfortable with the idea of pornography (I used to, too!

), but in reality, there are a lot of good things about watching porn.

The album doesn't just stick in one lane of old school 2000s hip-hop beats.

There are some synth-heavy tracks like "Man In The Mirror," while he comes at the listener with hard-hitting growling raps and thudding bass lines like "You Don't Eat." This feels like a quintessential Jadakiss album even with all of the features that are there to compliment Jada.

He flows the best with Styles P on the aptly titled "Synergy" where the two New York natives finish each other's sentences.

It’s obvious that watching porn is a pretty controversial topic here on Gurl.