Former ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT Co-Host John Tesh tells ET exclusively,"Oprah and I were cub reporters in Nashville nearly 40 years ago and we dated for a short time.We even talked about it during one of my appearances on her show.

For almost a year after that, Oprah would fly in from Chicago about once a month, staying with me at my crooked apartment on St.

Dennis, or sometimes treating us to a nice hotel room (hot water! Ours was primarily an intellectual and spiritual union, and as Oprah was significantly older than I was, she was very careful not to pressure me into doing anything I was not ready to do.

Of course, I was insanely curious and aflame with passion, wanting nothing more than to devour her, but Oprah would always calm me down, saying in a voice as soft as chocolate and wise as time itself, “hush now child, there’ll be plenty o’ time for that in the future.” Montreal in the 1980’s was a magical place, and I think in it Oprah found a liberty that was not available to her in America.

In Montreal, nobody thought twice about a mixed-race couple, and Oprah and I could walk down the street smoking and holding hands, without a second thought.

Yes, Oprah and I had a brief May-December romance in the 1980’s.

I was a young and impressionable student studying at Mc Gill University in Montreal when I happened to attend a guest lecture that Oprah was presenting—Everyday Can Be Friday– on campus.

I challenged her during the Q & A session, asserting that Tuesday could not be Friday, no matter how hard you tried.

An immediate spark was lit, and we passionately debated the matter long into the night, discovering that Oprah and I had a stunning intellectual compatibility and both loved the colour blue.

The photograph you see of Oprah was taken during our last weekend together.