The SDMS, with over 27,000 members, is the largest association of sonographers and sonography students in the world.Learn More It is critical for the job description of a sonographer to accurately reflect their daily duties and responsibilities.A job description serves as the basis for establishing patient care responsibilities, confirming departmental roles, orienting new employees, and serving as an evaluation tool for job performance.

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Job descriptions are a common and accepted tool for finding the right person to fill a vacant position.

Talk to any business owner and they'll most likely tell you the biggest challenge they face is keeping a qualified staff in place to properly run their business.

Job descriptions may or may not be the best way to do that.

SDMS's core purpose is to enhance the art and science of medicine by advancing medical sonography.

The collection of data began with a request for members to submit their current job descriptions.

Many sonographers reported a lack ‚Äčof a written job description or an existing job description which did not accurately reflect their current activities and responsibilities.

The SDMS Advanced Sonography Committee and staff reviewed the job descriptions submitted to determine the frequency and importance of daily activities and responsibilities which characterize the work of sonographers.

As an SDMS member you will join an exclusive network of over 27,000 sonographers and sonography students.

Learn More Formed in 2009, the SDMS Foundation is a nonprofit charitable organization affiliated with the SDMS.