K.; Munakata-Marr, Junko; Mc Cray, John E.: Wor King Smar Ter, no T har Der: USing Vi Sco US Pol Ymer Sol UTion S To achie Ve increa Se D con Taminan T De STr Uc Tion in he Terogeneo US a QUi Fer S AM Ma, Rui*; Zheng, Chunmiao; Zachara, John M.; Rockhold, Mark; Ward, Andy: mo Deling hea T Tran SPor T a S a gro Un DWa Ter Tracer a T The han For D i Frc Si Te AM Woocay, Arturo*; Walton, John: i So To Pic e Vi Dence o F Pa ST Foc USe D in Fil Tra Tion a T For TYmile Wa Sh2-4 2-53-62-63-72-72-92-103-102-113-112-12 2-133-122-14Se SSion no.3Hydrogeology I: Chemical AM, Oregon Convention Center, E141/142 Timothy J. Stackelberg, Presiding 3-1 AM Love, Andrew*; Crossey, Laura J.; Karlstrom, Karl; Hilton, David R.; Wolaver, Brad D.; Rousseau-Gueutin, Pauline: To War D a ne W Para Digm For The grea T ar Te Sian Ba Sin: h YDrologic mi Xing, Par Ti Tione D SUB-Ba Sin S, an D man Tle in Fl Uence S on gro Un DWa Ter QUali TY AM Crossey, Laura J.*; Love, Andrew; Karlstrom, Karl; Hilton, David R.; Keppel, Mark: Tra Ver Tine De Po Si Ting mo Un D SPring S o F So UTh a USTralia: Ke Y For charac Teri Zing gro Un DWa Ter3-143-15Se SSion no.4Paleontology: Taphonomy & Preservation AM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 256 Anne Raymond and Phoebe Cohen, Presiding 4-1 AM Evans, Thomas*: e XPerimen T De Sign For ac TUali STic Ta Phonomic re Search: im Pro Ving De Sign, Da Ta ac QUi Si Tion, an D colla Bora Tion3-2138 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes SESSION NO.

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Note i Ndex system Numbers (3-4, 15-4) indicate session and order of presentation within that session. Geraghty*; Libarkin, Julie C.; Kortemeyer, Gerd; Raeburn, Stuart: The gci Webcenter: a Tool For comm Uni TY-Wi De conce PT in Ven Tor Y De Velo Pmen T AM Break 2-8 AM Shiba, Conrad F.*; Workman, Joe M.; Dunn, S.

* denotes speaker SUn Da Y, 18 oc To Ber 2009morning oral Technical Se SSion SSe SSion no. Webster, Presiding AM introductory remarks 1-1 1-2 AM Wilkinson, Jamie*; Wilkinson, Clara; Vry, Victoria H.: co PPer an D gol D in Por Ph Yr Y ore Fl Ui DS AM Webster, James D.*: The role o F S an D cl in The e XSol UTion an D e Vol UTion o F magma Tich YDro Thermal Fl Ui DS an D SUBSe QUen T oreme Tal Tran SPor T AM Pokrovski, Gleb S.*: im Pac T o F SUl FUr on gol D an D co PPer Tran SPor T an D Frac Tiona Tion in Va Por-Brine SYSTem S: in Sigh TS From in Si TU e XPerimen TS an D Ph YSical-chemical mo Deling AM Harris, Anthony C.*; Berry, Andrew J.; Newville, Matt; Sutton, Stephen R.: X-ra Y a BSor PTion SPec Tro Sco PY UP To 700°c: Deco UPling o F c U From o Ther me Tal-chlori De com Ple Xe S AM Wilkinson, Clara C.*; Wilkinson, Jamie J.; Ryan, Chris G.; Laird, Jamie S.; Mernagh, Terry P.; Rusk, Brian G.; Jeffries, Teresa E.: See King The mi SSing anionic SPecie S in lo W Salini TY c U-rich Fl Ui DS From magma Tic-h YDro Thermal SYSTem S AM Chi, Guoxiang*; Xue, Chunji; Lai, Jianqing: co PPer Tran SPor T in co2-rich Fl Ui DS ­ e Vi Dence From Fl Ui D incl USion S in Volcanic roc K-ho STe D ma SSi Ve SUl Fi De, San DSTone-ho STe D, an D SKarn-Por Ph Yr Y c U De Po Si TS 1-10 1-9 1- AM Discussion AM Break 1-7 AM Frank, Mark R.*; Simon, Adam; Pettke, Thomas; Candela, Philip; Piccoli, Philip; Heinrich, Christoph: gol D an D co PPer Par Ti Tioning in SUl FUr-Bearing Va Por-Brine-mel T SYSTem S a T 800 °c an D 100 m Pa AM Zajacz, Zoltan*; Candela, Philip; Piccoli, Philip; Seo, Jung Hun; Guillong, Marcel; Heinrich, Christoph: e XPerimen Tal in Ve STiga Tion o F gol D Sol UBili TY in high-Tem Pera TUre Va Por S: The Ke Y role o F al Kali me Tal S in e FFicien T gol D Tran SFer AM Nourse, Jonathan A.*; Irwin, James J.: The leon Pro Per TY: mol YBDen Um-co PPer-Sil Ver-gol D minerali Za Tion in Deca Pi Ta Te D roo T Zone o F The el cre STon mineral De Po Si T, Sonora, me Xico AM Smith, Steven M.*; Eppinger, Robert G.; Kelley, Karen D.; Fey, David L.: a Soil geochemi STr Y orien Ta Tion STUDY o Ver The gian T Pe BBle c U-a U-mo Por Ph Yr Y De Po Si T, ala SKa AM Thakurta, Joyashish*; Ripley, Edward M.; Li, Chusi: origin o F Pla Tin Um gro UP elemen T minerali Za Tion S in SUl Fi De-a BSen T an D SUl Fi De-Pre Sen T ala SKan TYPe com Ple Xe S AM Molnar, Ferenc; Peterson, Dean M.; Arehart, Greg B.*; Poulson, Simon; Hauck, Steven: SUl FUr i So To Pe con STrain TS For a DYnamic magma Tic SUl Fi De ore De Po Si Tion mo Del in The Sill-li Ke So UTh Ka Wi Shi Wi in Tr USion o F The DUl UTh com Ple X, minne So Ta, USa AM Fornadel, Andrew P.*; Spry, Paul G.; Vavelidis, Michael; Melfos, Vasilios; Voudouris, Panos: The Palea Ka Vala re DUce D in Tr USion-rela Te D Bi-Te-PB-SB±a U SYSTem, nor Thea STern greece: mineralogical, Fl Ui D incl USion, an D SUl FUr i So To Pe STUDie S AM Discussion ii; & concluding remarks1-31-111-41-121-51-131-62009 GSA Annual Meeting·Portland, Oregon 137S U N D AY SESSION NO. 2Geoscience Education I AM, Oregon Convention Center, C123 Emily M. Keith: Volcanoe S in ne W Zealan D: a Fiel D e XPerience For li Beral ar TS STUDen TS AM Treiman, Allan H.*; Shipp, Stephanie S.; Kiefer, Walter S.; Filiberto, Justin: USing Fiel D e XPerience To BUil D Un Der STan Ding o F Plane Tar Y Volcanolog Y AM Lerud-Heck, Joanne V.*: learning STYle S o F geological, Pe Trole Um, an D geo Ph YSical engineer S AM Graziano, Robert J.*; Koch, Zelenda J.: correla Tion o F STUDen T learning Wi Th STUDen T Sa Ti SFac Tion in an in Tro DUc Tor Y Ph YSical geolog Y la B Se TTing AM Gough, Steve C.*: USe o F Thermo Pla STic San D in Ph YSical mo Del S o F Fl UVial SYSTem S AM O'Neal-Caldwell, Marianne*; Wang, Ping: a SSe SSmen T o F STUDen T a TTi TUDe S in ear Th Science an D geolog Y co Ur Se S AM Holmes, Ann E.*: Preliminar Y re SUl TS o F a UDience re SPon Se SYSTem USe For conce PTe ST e Val Ua Tion in large-lec TUre in Tro DUc Tor Y geolog Y cla SSe S AM Discussion 3-13 3-9 3-5 3-4 3-3 mi Xing an D Paleoh YDrolog Y in The grea T ar Te Sian Ba Sin AM Regier, Orin*; Holz, Aris; Eisenhauer, Dean E.; Harvey, F.

1Economic Geology I: Copper and Gold Transport in Crustal Fluids: New Advances from Field, Experimental, and Theoretical Studies; Magmatic Sulfide Ores; Porphyry Cu-Mo Ores; S Isotopes AM, Oregon Convention Center, D137/138 Jamie J. Geraghty Ward, Presiding AM introductory remarks 2-1 2-2 2-3 AM Lindsay, Lowell E.*: Vir TUal ear Th Science Fiel D Tri PS:cali Fornia STa Te Par KS " Por TS" AM Branlund, Joy*: Di Tching The Te XTBoo K an D Teaching geolog Y in The con Te XT o F STorie S AM Serpa, Laura F.*; Navarro, Hector; Pena, Camila Danielle: BUil Ding in Sigh TS in To earl Y ear Th hi STor Y an D Dee P Proce SSe S Wi Th a han DS-on e XPerimen T AM Landis, Carol; Codispoti, Julie E.*: clima Te change DVD: B Y Teacher S, For Teacher S, & Free! Edwin: e XPloring Po Ten Tial Pho SPhoro US Poll UTion o F a recrea Tional la Ke near co Uncil Bl UFFS, io Wa AM Laincz, Jozef*; Hays, Phillip D.; Winston, Byron; Ziegler, Susan: Biogeochemical/h YDrological in Ve STiga Tion o F The Fa Te o F ni Tra Te in The in Ter Flo W Zone o F man Tle D Kar ST AM Welch, Heather L.*; Green, Christopher T.; Coupe, Richard H.: The Fa Te an D Tran SPor T o F ni Tra Te Thro Ugh The Un Sa TUra Te D Zone a T a Si Te in nor Th We STern mi SSi SSi PPi AM Rose, Claire E.*; Nimmo, John R.; Perkins, Kim S.; Coupe, Richard H.: e XPerimen Tal an D Sim Ula Te D Sol UTe Tran SPor T an D Shallo W SUBSUr Face Flo W a T an agric Ul TUral Si Te in nor Th We STern mi SSi SSi PPi AM Reilly, Timothy J.*; Smalling, Kelly L.; Orlando, James L.; Kuivila, Kathryn M.; Battaglin, William A.; Meyer, Michael T.; Sandstrom, Mark W.: occ Urrence o F FUngici De S a SSocia Te D Wi Th Po Ta To c Ul Ti Va Tion in SUr Face Wa Ter an D gro Un DWa Ter in i Daho, maine, an D Wi Scon Sin AM Break 3-8 AM Stackelberg, Paul E.*: regre SSion mo Del For Pre Dic Ting The concen Tra Tion o F a Tra Zine re Si DUe S in Shallo W agric Ul TUral gro Un DWa Ter acro SS The con Termino US Uni Te D STa Te S AM Greene, Dustin L.*; Harvey, F.

Edwin; Holz, Aris: gro Un DWa Ter chemi STr Y o F Dome STic Well S in The SUnri Se e STa Te S SUBDi Vi Sion, lincoln, ne AM Welch, Stephanie E.*; Hanor, Jeffrey S.: So Urce an D Fa Te o F ele Va Te D le Vel S o F chlori De in The mi SSi SSi PPi ri Ver all UVial a QUi Fer, i Ber Ville Pari Sh, lo Ui Siana AM Peterman, Zell E.*; Futa, K.; Thamke, Joanna; Preston, Todd: STron Ti Um i So To Pe De Tec Tion o F Pro DUce DWa Ter con Tamina Tion o F We Tlan DS, Willi STon Ba Sin, mon Tana AM Bianchi, Marco*; Zheng, Chunmiao; Tick, Geoffrey R.; Gorelick, Steven M.: a ne W Force D gra Dien T Tracer Te ST To a SSe SS The im Por Tance o F Pre Feren Tial Flo W Pa Th S on Sol UTe Tran SPor T a T The macro Di SPer Sion e XPerimen T (ma De) Si Te AM Smith, Megan M.*; Silva, Jeff A.

Technical Sessions Meeting policy prohibits the use of cameras or sound-recording equipment at technical sessions and poster sessions.

A no-smoking policy has been established by the Program Committee and will be followed in all meeting rooms for technical sessions.

AMNotice In the interest of public information, the Geological Society of America provides a forum for the presentation of diverse opinions and positions.

The opinions (views) expressed by speakers and exhibitors at these sessions are their own and do not necessarily represent the views or policies of the Geological Society of America. : USing holl YWoo D Film S To Teach ear Th an D en Vironmen Tal Science in an Un Dergra DUa Te Science-in-con Te XT co Ur Se AM Lehane, Jim*: From Dino Sa Ur S To Volcanoe S: hel Ping STUDen TS learn From holl YWoo D'S mi STa Ke S AM Ward, Emily M.

IV.; Hunda, Brenda R.; Kolbe, Sarah E.; Schindler, Eberhard: Ta Phonomic anal YSi S o F De Vonian rh YThmic Trilo Bi Te Be DS: e Ven T Se Dimen Ta Tion an D c Yclic cemen Ta Tion AM Cohen, Phoebe*; Schopf, J.

William; Butterfield, Nicholas J.; Kudryavtsev, Anatoliy B.; Macdonald, Francis A.: minerali Ze D Scale S From e UKar Yo Tic microorgani Sm S in The ca.

750 ma lo Wer Tin Dir gro UP, YUKon Terri Tor Y, cana Da AM Tarhan, Lidya G.*; Droser, Mary L.; Gehling, James G.: PUc Ker S an D PUll-Thro Ugh S: an e Diacaran ac Tion Sho T AM Domke, Kirk L.*; Bottjer, David J.; Corsetti, Frank A.: Who i S Tha T m YSTerio US Biominerali Zer?