Looking for a chance to meet, network or just hang out with locally minded people?

Now there are 77 communities in 35 states who are supporting their entrepreneurial community one cup of coffee at a time.

“There is a great energy growing in the entrepreneurial community here in the Springs,” says 1MC COS organizer Amy Lester.

“And it is great to be able to connect and support other entrepreneurs on their journey.” #CSTweetup For networking of the more social variety, follow the hashtag #cstweetup on Twitter or Facebook, so you don’t miss the next gathering of some of the Springs most prolific tweeters.

You don’t even really have to be into social media yourself.

And there are only two ways to get the details: Follow the #cstweetup hashtag on Twitter Like the #cstweetup page on Facebook, Vegan Drinks for a Cause Speaking of brew, thirsty animal-lovers gather at The Burrowing Owl the third Thursday of each month for Vegan Drinks for a Cause. You might hear about the dog adopted to a new home after her human companion passed away or the two local celebrity pigs—Felix and Franklin—who were spared slaughter and now live on an animal sanctuary.

The Colorado Springs Vegan & Vegetarian Group spotlights a city or state organization working on behalf of companion and farmed animals, as well as wildlife. Just be warned, after stories like those, you’ll be pulling out your checkbook.

Colorado Springs gets its own comic con this summer Aug 26-28, 2016 at the Mortgage Solutions Financial Expo Center in Colorado Springs, CO.

The once-a-month gathering is designed to bring locals together to meet new folks, strengthen the Springs community and support local businesses.

With no formal agenda, the #cstweetup is usually held at a different location each month.

“The #cstweetup is a fun and fantastic way to comfortably meet and get to know the diverse members of the Colorado Springs community while supporting local businesses, creating lasting friendships and enjoying great food and drinks,” says Kevin Westendorf who tweets as @tonedeafvoice (and has over 14,000 followers).

The next #cstweetup, most likely over a local brew, is in May. And hear from the animal rights or welfare organization for about two minutes.