I found it here, in great vigour, more abounding than in any of the neighboring Protestant States.

The Illuminati is a name that nowadays is used to talk of several groups characterized by secrecy, all groups working together, having one single goal, because they all share the same god.

Historically however, it refers specifically to the Bavarian Illuminati, founded on May 1 of 1776, a secret society of people who believed to be enlighten, by this same so called "god" who in the Bible is called Lucifer, who gave them knowledge hidden from the masses which they all use for the ultimate goal of global domination through a New World Order under Lucifer as god.

Their first and main rule is "Do not talk about Illuminati".

There is much proof that the Illuminati, referring to all these different secret societies, has been behind both World Wars plus the one coming up, as well as many other tragedies around the world, all that may had been necessary for them to come to World Domination, following their motto "Ordo ab Chao" (Order out of Chaos), which I'll point out later.

Adam Weishaupt is the man who is recorded as having started this secret society which would come to involve all Luciferian societies, even those dating back thousands of years ago; all to keep the plan of their ancestors alive ever since Nimrod(One World Government), the first human who rebelled against the Most High and who chose to be king of the world.

Adam Weishaupt was taught by Jesuits and became a Freemason before starting the Illuminati.

Freemasonry and Illuminati are not one and the same, although Freemasonry has come to be controlled by the Illuminati nowadays, keeping the Freemasons in the lower ranks in ignorance of their real goal and god, information which is held by those in the 33rd degree "I did not bring Deism into Bavaria more than into Rome.

The photograph shows Sirius, the brightest star in the earth's sky, towards the left of the frame.

Sirius is so bright because it is a binary star system, two stars orbiting each other, made up of a white main-sequence star called Sirius A, and a faint white dwarf called Sirius B Amateur photographer Andrew Fusek Peters took the photograph (pictured) in the Long Mynd moorland in Shropshire on Monday night at around 10.15pm GMT.