A sensitive camera also requires a high quantum efficiency which means it is efficient at converting light photons to electrons. The sensor in a high sensitivity camera is typically designed with large pixels so that they have a large area to collect light.

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Other scientific applications like fluorescence microscopy deal with emitted light and so often there are very few electrons to play with and so a low light camera is essential.

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It is important that the correct equipment for low light camera work is selected in order to ensure that you get the best possible result.

Some low light cameras use Frame Transfer or Full Frame sensors and so use the full pixel area for light collection.

Other low light cameras have the more standard interline sensors but use a microlens located over every pixel to collect light from a larger area and focus it onto the smaller light collecting pixel area.

There are also low light cameras that use different materials to silicon .For example In Ga As sensors are used in Infrared Low light cameras to detect moon glow or the airglow on (moonless nights) that occurs due to electro luminescence in the upper atmosphere.These cameras operate in the short wave infrared rather than the visible spectrum.Low light cameras and sensitive cameras are used for may different types of applications.Night time surveillance is a common application for short wave infraredlow light cameras.When imaging fast moving objects the shutter time must be short to freeze motion and so use of a high sensitivity camera is important.