" and the world suddenly becomes a kinder and gentler place again!

Dating Asian Women is so much simpler than dating Western Women.

No Money No Honey as they say is the rule of thumb, which is of course the same if you are in the West.

how many times have you seen old guys who are loaded walking around with super hotties, sometimes more than one so who is bull shitting who here?

And I jokingly say “You want the whole list now, do we have time”?

He says seriously “No, what I mean is why can't I get laid”?

What do you say to the guy, hey man, you should have been around in cave man times when you could just drag one by the hair back to the cave any time that you wanted, but he was serious and I know his pain. After my last western girlfriend dumped me, and of course before they dump you they gotta drag you around for a while by the nut sack and really mess with your head....

and then beautiful thing happened, a friend of mine who had been through the same emotional roller coaster says “Dude come on out to Asia and I will show you the Fountain of Youth!

" "Thanks allot Dude" Mick R California USA "I went from No Way to All The Way Overnight Cheers!

" Sam P West Hampton England The Secret In the West the women call the shots , but out here in the Wild Wild East, Men are Men and the sheep get a good night sleep.