During workshops I am on hand to help you get better shots - poorly lit environments can be pretty tough to navigate photographically and I encourage you to come with questions.All levels of experience, from beginner to expert, are welcome.I've been photographing abandoned buildings for 10 years, and am a trained architectural photographer.

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When I started my business teaching photography workshops, one of the core principles was that I wanted to use them to help the places I love.

A portion of the proceeds of each workshop is paid for property rental to site owners to help with maintenance, taxes, and restoration.

While I'll be the first to point out that this will never be enough in itself to save a site, since April 2013 I have paid a total of approximately $80,000 (as of November 2015) to the various places I've worked with, including the Historic Lansdowne Theater Corporation, SS United States Conservancy, National Museum of Industrial History, the Old Game Farm, the Friends of Mount Moriah Cemetery Inc., and more.

Through the workshops photographers gained access into otherwise hard to visit locations, and I worked to teach people how to take better photographs and encouraged a greater appreciation for these amazing spots.

Built in 1908 with high hopes and a sprawling campus that had everything a community could need - including a barber shop, a greenhouse, a fire station, a movie theater, and a general store - Pennhurst rapidly devolved into a site synonymous with well documented overcrowding and neglect that caused the adults and children who resided there to regress further and further from functionality.

In 1968 a disturbing documentary featuring the site titled 'Suffer the Little Children' was produced wherein a visibly distraught reporter chronicled abysmal conditions including one interview where a doctor openly admitted to giving a bully among the residents the most painful injection he could concoct to deter him from abusing others.

Ultimately it was closed in 1986 amid a storm of charges of physical and sexual abuse, improper restraint and seclusion, corruption, mismanagement, and neglect.

I want you to leave with pictures you're proud of and no question is too simple or complicated.

I also will be setting up periodic juried exhibitions of participants' work, starting with one in October of 2013 at 3rd Ward in Philadelphia.