She brought a basket of oranges to the cast house and told us all to have them so we wouldn't get sick during the run. Hate is usually reserved for someone who has done you or your family some grievous, malicious action to deliberatley cause them pain, illness, poverty, financial ruin, deprivation of rights or death.I doubt that BW, even at her cuntiest, ever did any of those things to Bea.

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However, he paints a rather dismal picture of how she treated her 2 children.

Lucy Arnaz wrote a blurb for the book cover so I assume she agreed with him. Tannen loved Lucy even he had a falling out with her which lasted for years but ended prior to her death.

I'm not surprised Bea might not have been a huge fan.________ But it was Golden Girls co-star Rue Mc Clanahan who brought the house down with her memory of an intoxicated Arthur.“Rue, I love,” said Arthur when introduced to Mc Clanahan’s husband—but wasn’t so complimentary of fellow co-star Betty White: “Betty's a cunt.”When Bea Arthur opened her one woman show here in LA a few years back, Betty White was in the first row and seemed truly excited for her.

Let me speak from experience: she was a lovely woman. Danny was a techie and Bea came to visit the cast house and saw all the shows even though her son wasn't in them. On TV she appears like a giant next to most of her co-stars; in life she was only 5'9.r16 - she might have disliked working with her for whatever reason, but "hate" her?

There aren't too many folks in Hollywood who had anything nice to say about her except that she was a very good business woman.

She was badmouthing Lucile Ball, moaning about her bad childhood and seemed totally abrasive and unhappy. Is it any surprise that Bea Arthur "badmouthed" her?

In the film MAME, she couldn't sing the score (it literally had to be recorded with her singing one note at a time -- see Jerry Herman's biography) and was so insecure about her age and looks that she not only had the director use a ridiculous gauze filter to make her appear younger, but had Madeline Kahn (originally cast as Gooch) fired on the first day of rehearsal because she was "not charactery enough" (translation: too young and pretty).

Lucille Ball is on record as being one of the most hard-nosed, cold and aloof women in Hollywood.

That she was able to pool from that overwhelming misfortune a talent that she then chose to share with the public is remarkable.

Yes, you don't have that much professional success in theater and TV unless you're hard-working, fabulously talented and (at least somewhat) likeable. I give Bea credit for just deciding to endure another day looking the way God created her.

You don't get hit series after hit series, and hired over and over again if you're a bitch. Before Bea ever appeared on TV she had a long-established career as a NY theater character actress originating the role of Lucy in the legendary off-Broadway production of The 3 Penny Opera as well as on Broadway as Yente the Matchmaker in Fiddler on the Roof and Vera Charles in Mame.