The primary purpose of this program -- codenamed "B" -- is to give away the secret of ALICE chat robot development to anyone who wants it, permitting the greatest possible dissemination, utilization and technical improvement of the ALICE chat robot technology.Second, program B is written in Java to support the widest possible architectural base (a significant shortcoming of early ALICE).B runs on a wide range of processors and systems supporting the Java Virtual Machine.

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Program B is offered free, under the terms of the GNU General Public License; permitting rapid, organic software growth with contributions from many programmers.

We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals who worked on program B: Alain Agostini developed some AIML for Diana Andreacchio wrote a help document for Windows users that became part of this FAQ.

An anonymous contributor provided AIML content no longer used.

Anonymous contributors created the VBScript interface to MS Agent.

David Bacon wrote the SETL compiler used to prototype the early versions of ALICE.

Jacco Bikker wrote an AIML interpreter in C and corrected much of the original AIML content.

Ace Craig contributed the the AIML "web search" markup.

Kris Drent has provided significant contributions to the Program B application, Applet and Servlet. Kris also wrote a fast, small-footprint XML x parser tuned for AIML files. Andrew Potgieter wrote a text wrapper and created the tag. Rohaly proofread the Java code and suggested numerous improvements. Karlheinz Schuhmacher modified Substiter.replace() to prevent endless loops. Jack Spies contribued much to the Mac documentation.

Christian Drossmann provided the German language AIML module. Ken Goldberg offered advice since ALICE was born in 1995. Sage Greco created the ALICE robot maid 3-D graphic model and also designed the original ALICE pyramid logo. Erik Levy became a botmaster and contributed AIML content. John Mccready contributed NT info to this document. Yiannis Paschalidis improved and String Sorter.add(). Anthony Taylor made Jacco's C/C++ a platform-independent program. Additional graphics were created by Sage Greco, Darren Langley and Larry Hauser.

David Maggin is the author of the John Lennon AI Project. Michael Modes wrote massive amount of AIML content. We gratefully acknowledge these contributions and the programmers who created them.

Thanks are also due to the many people who asked the "frequently asked questions" that form the basis of this document.