Just like the pain of burning will help you instinctively jump out of a fire, the pain of getting dumped will instinctively help you jump into a new relationship.As you might guess, cavebabes on the rebound were a lot more desperate than modern women need to be.

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Volunteers who had previously gone through a painful break-up were shown pictures of their exes, and asked to think of a positive memory, then of a painful one.

They also had an object placed on their arm, which at one time produced a warm, pleasurable sensation, and another was heated up to cause pain.

Using functional MRIs, scientists mapped what areas of the brain responded to each of the four sensations.

The result was that the same part of the brain which we used to believe was dedicated only to physical pain was also used to process the emotionally painful memory.

This study showed what anyone who has suffered heartbreak can tell you: emotional pain doesn’t hurts.

Now, keep in mind what pain is: an evolutionary adaptation meant to keep you out of harm’s way. Tens of thousands of years ago pair-bondings were essential to a woman for food, protection, and late-night caveman spooning.

If you didn’t feel pain, you’d happily stand in fire, or run around till you died of exhaustion…pain sucks, but it helps you survive. If something happened to put these in jeopardy, those with strong pain reactions would cope best.

I’ve been dating a girl for about two months and I really like her. The problem is we started dating just a month after she got out of a long-term relationship. Is she really ready for another relationship, or just on the rebound?

Scooping up girls and guys “on the rebound” is a time tested way to get laid…whether they’re emotionally fragile or just newly single and horny, it’s easy pickins.

But if you’re interested in a long-term romance, does it make sense?

Short answer: Yes, if you’re actually a good match.