In and around this perplexing and difficult time I dazedly choose or hired the companionship of unsavory or insipid types.Regardless of their saltless reputations, I always led with condoms and honesty when it came to my condition.Sadly, my truth soon became their treason as a deluge of blackmail and extortion took center stage in this circus of deceit.'I have to put a stop to this onslaught, this barrage of attacks and of sub-truths and very harmful and mercurial stories that are about me, that threaten the health of so many others that couldn't be further from the truth,' said Sheen about his decision to go public with his status.

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Just hours after Sheen told Matt Lauer on Today that he has had the virus for 'roughly four years' and informed all of his sexual partners since that time, the actor's former girlfriend Bree Olson made an appearance on The Howard Stern Show telling a very different story.

Olson, 29, went on to say that Sheen even went so far as to tell her he was 'clean,' and used lambskin condoms when they were together, which provide less protection than latex condoms and do not protect against viral sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV.

In the state of California it is a felony punishable by up to eight years in prison for a person to have unprotected sex with someone with the intent to infect them and not disclose their status.

It is also a misdemeanor to willfully expose someone to HIV, though that carries a prison sentence of just a few months.

Lauer then asked Sheen is he was nervous about the possibility of facing criminal charges, noting that in 35 states an individual can be charged if they engage in sexual activity with someone but do not divulge the fact that they are HIV positive.

Sheen then got a bit choked up before he continued to describe their conversation, saying; 'I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner, it didn't seem like you could do anything for me and I didn't want to burden you with all the stress.

When asked if he had been successfully sued or settled a lawsuit over the past few years as a result of having the virus, Sheen said; 'Not for any contamination. But just for threats of revealing my condition.' After Lauer showed Sheen the support he was getting for the interview on social media, the actor said; 'I'm gonna ride this wave of support and if there was one guy on this planet to contract this that's gonna deliver a cure it's me.' Variety reports that the actor is selling 'a 6,625-square-foot semi-Spanish villa he acquired up in October 2012 for .8 million' and 'his 9,020-square-foot mock-Mediterranean with six bedrooms and nine bathrooms that he picked up in March 2011 for ,999,999.''Roughly four years ago, I suddenly found myself in the throws of a seismic and debilitating three-day cluster-migraine-like headache.

When asked if he had engaged in unprotected sex since being diagnosed with the virus Sheen admitted that he had with two partners, but that the individuals were aware of his status and under the care of his doctor.

In another passage from the letter Sheen wrote to Lauer, the actor said of the his state after being diagnosed; 'The personal disbelief, karmic confusion, shame and anger led to a temporary yet abysmal descent into profound substance abuse and fathomless drinking.' Lauer asked if Sheen's behavior in early 2011 when he did a slew of interviews with almost every major network in which he claimed to have 'tiger blood' and be a 'ninja assassin from Mars' was a result of learning about his diagnosis.'It has suppressed the virus to the point that he is absolutely healthy from that vantage and my biggest concern with Charlie as a patient is substance abuse and depression from the disease more than what the HIV virus could do in terms of shortening his life.' Speaking of the possibility of Sheen infecting others with the virus Huizenga said; 'Individuals who are optimally treated, who have undetectable viral loads, who responsibly use protection, it's incredibly low.

It's incredibly rare to transmit the virus.' 'I mean I would be predicting the future and assuming the worst.

I can only imagine based on what I've already experienced, what's already come down the pike and I've been forced to deal with, I'm sure that's next,' said Sheen.