Whether you use a Pay Pal account to make online purchases, shop or sell on e Bay, or simply to protect the details of your financial accounts from the people with whom you do business, you may want to share your account with someone else.Pay Pal makes this possible under certain circumstances for people with whom you have specific types of relationships.

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That also means that you're responsible for ensuring that the cardholder follows the Pay Pal rules.

If his transactions turn out to involve banned items or activities, your account may be subject to limits.

Along with adding a secondary cardholder, you also can authorize another person to use your debit card in person at a retail store or its identifying number and details to make an online purchase.

If you add a free Pay Pal Here card reader to process card-based purchases on a smartphone, up to 20 employees can use this technology to take payments, either at remote sites or throughout your main location.

Once you upgrade your Personal account to a Premier account, you can request a Pay Pal debit card, which you can use in stores or on merchant websites.

You also can ask for an additional card for a secondary cardholder, such as a spouse or significant other.

Because the card attaches to your Pay Pal account, you hold full responsibility for any charges made by the secondary cardholder, just as if you had made these purchases yourself.

Student accounts are linked to the parent's account and provide you with purchase control, linked access and warnings about big expenses or low balances.

You can open as many as four Student accounts on one adult Pay Pal account with a confirmed bank account.