The Court of Peace of Constanza condemned this week two people for committing praise for the dictatorship of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo during a ceremony on October 24, 2013, in violation of the 5880-62 Act .The sentence issued by Judge Cesar Emilio Cabral Ortiz, came against exmilitar Alan Alexander Delgado Mateo and Luis Mara Prez Cruz (Kike Mexican), sentenced to six months and three months, respectively, for violating the aforementioned law, which prohibits praises the past Trujillo regime.Both also were convicted of violation of the Law on National Symbols shall meet the referred period with community work and will pay RD $ 2,000 and RD $ 500.00, respectively, for the Dominican State.

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A media release from the Federation of Patriotic Foundations and the Memorial Museum of Dominican Resistance said that the accusation of the prosecution states: "Citizens Alexander Delgado Mateo and Luis Mara Prez Cruz (Kike Mexican) Exalted Trujillo Molina and his regime and they made irresponsible use of national symbols against the Dominican State to use public a banner and a suit with praise to the name and image of the tyrant and use the National Flag ".

The communication adds that Delgado Mateo said that '' the march (October 2013) was made in order to draw the attention of the basic services that were at that time and are not now and it's a shame, to reflect and apply good things, fundamental educational principles remeasure our history, we must analyze the good and the bad, and the record that we always knew what we were doing, we shall not dwell in the continuity of what we provide, as did Mr.

Mayobanex at the time, the agreement we reached with the Public Ministry is just what we agree, we ask apology for the damage that could have caused.

" Luis Mara Prez Cruz (Kike Mexican) simulated during the act the character of "Super Trujillo" to carry the national flag.

Since his assassination on May 30, 1961, there has been a law in the Dominican Republic prohibiting any promotion of Trujillo.

This week in Constanza, the first persons have been convicted and fined for praising Trujillo.

It seems that his grandson's run for the Dominican presidency might have riled some feathers.

Computer translation: Constanza Tribunal issues first convictions for spreading praises to Trujillo The two condemned men must perform community work and pay a fine of RD $ 2,000 and RD $ 500 SANTO DOMINGO.

The Federation of Patriotic Foundations and the Memorial Museum of Dominican Resistance recalled that delivered on 10 December 2012, International Human Rights Day, a list with more than 18,000 signatures in Operation "Never Again" to require the Attorney General of the Republic compliance with Law 5880-62.