To make a long story short, my parents aren’t very supportive.

quiz dating skills-73

You get off the train after a long day of work and your mother texts “Mrs.

He/She is a catch and I’m excited to get to know him/her.

Worst case, I have a nice night out and work on my conversation skills.” b.

A course containing just one quiz - 100 questions on 9 different skill sets of the OCR Level 2 Functional Skills ICT qualification.

The questions were designed by a group of students from Our Lady's High School Preston, namely: Declan, Jack, Anna, Hamed, Michael, James, Lewiss, Jordain, Tom and Matt, generously let loose by their teacher Alan O'Donohoe.

Feel free to tweak the questions for your own purposes.You can either restore the whole course into your Moodle and and use "as is" - see docs: Course restore or you can import the quiz (once restored) into another course - see docs Activity Restore - or you can simply use selected questions by exporting and then importing one of the chosen question categories - see docs: Export questions and Import questions. Call a friend, ultra-excited and say “I was just set up with Yaakov/Shira. Think, “I don’t know how to make great eye contact. You are feeling hopeful yet something isn’t sitting well with you. They have amazing advice, but sometimes I feel like though well-intentioned they aren’t completely objective.