Again, while I agree with part of Azealia’s statement, I just can’t get jiggy with the shadiness that has ensued between her and black men.I could have sided with her if she said “some” black men, but she didn’t.In three sentences, she tarnished an entire race of men and stamped them as mean, difficult and disrespectful.

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You can’t go from sobbing at the state of blackness in America to declaring disdain for black men. I’ve been a faithful fan of the straight-shooter Harlem rapper since her “212” days, but her racially-charged rants and social media commentary are beginning to outshine her true talent and have me questioning whether or not she is the kind of artist I want to support.

From her ongoing war of foul words with “cultural smudger” Iggy Azalea and “shoe-shining coon” T. And let’s not forget her recent Twitter feud with the beloved Erykah Badu and remarks against Kendrick Lamar that had us scratching our heads with one hand and stuffing our faces with popcorn with the other.

ALSO SEE: Azealia Banks On Her Obama Comment: ‘I Really Wish I Could Take It Back’ Basically, Banks and Internet trolling have become onservative blogger, Matt Walsh, a peep show that made headlines on nearly every media outlet and Tumblr dashboard.

I already have to fight for respect with black men in hip-hop so when I get home I like things to be nice and easy. As a 23-year-old dark-skinned African-American female, I can partly understand Banks’ frustration with black men.

I can personally attest to being frustrated with black men in particular after being told a number of times that I am “pretty for a dark skin girl,” as if it weren’t a backhanded compliment.

However, even though I have encountered a handful of black men pedaling that same sorry ass line, all hopes is not lost.I know that black men are not the only narrow-minded individuals that only see color.In three years, the talent Azealia Banks was once known for has taken a backseat to her social media showdowns and public rivalries, detracting from her due recognition and critical acclaim.Somewhere along the way, she went from being that dope ass rapping chick with millions of You Tube views, to performing at Karl Lagerfeld’s house, to picking fights with her music industry peers. While I had sympathy for her during that emotional HOT 97 interview, I am slowly but surely becoming less interested in the artistry that is Ms. When the fierce, no-holds-barred femcee first emerged with her new wave, hard-spitting rhymes and synthesized dance-pop beats, I lived for everything she represented: a fly black gal with a unique sense of style and raw, undeniable talent.Even while some found her brash, sometimes aggressive and very raunchy lyrics to be too much, I found them to be fun, confident, and empowering, with a side of “fuck you.” That was until her personal opinions began to outweigh her musical prowess, spilling more piping hot tea than the foam finger-toting, twerking, Disney-star-turned-bad-ass Miley Cyrus, making her the topic of discussion for all the wrong reasons. 30), I was once again reminded of my frustrations with Banks when she shared her views on dating black men.It all started with a simple selfie the “Ice Queen” rapper posted on Instagram where someone asked why she “dates old white dudes with money.” Azealia replied: “Because black men take black women for granted and I’m too busy with music to be fighting for my rights at home. We live in a world, especially within the black community, where everything is supposedly better when it’s “foreign.” Whether it be cars, clothes, or bundles of weave, we embrace nearly everything but our own – down to our men and women.