The pair met in 1979 when Ozzy was sacked by his band Black Sabbath.Sharon, then 18, was sent by her dad Don Arden, who had a record label called Jet Records that the singer was signed with, to look after his needs and well-being in Los Angeles.Ozzy at this point was the wildman of rock and roll and they soon began dating.

And when she did she would throw books at me, all sorts.

She once broke all my platinum discs, smashing them over my head.” It clearly was a fiery relationship! “We used to have four nannies, because I had three children – I would work five days a week – I would travel because you can’t work a nanny seven days a week,” she said. Then, out of nowhere, dropped: ‘I caught two of them in bed with Ozzy! It goes on and on.” So, with that in mind, how come it has taken Sharon so long to split with Ozzy?

“I’m telling you, they were the bane of my existence. She must still love him to have put up with his outrageous behavior, but we’ll have to see what happens next. Buy and listen to Black Sabbath’s greatest hits here on Amazon!

When news broke that Ozzy Osbourne, 67, and Sharon Osbourne, 63, had split after 33 years of marriage, there were few surprises.

Their relationship has been tumultuous from the get-go as the wild rocker put his wife and manager through hell with his substance abuse issues and reported cheating.

In 2013, cracks in the marriage began to appear when sober Ozzy fell off the wagon.It’s been a long and winding road through the years.The early days of their marriage were admittedly a blur for Ozzy, who would unreliably go missing for days on wild drinking benders while Sharon would be wondering where he was.Sharon stuck with Ozzy through thick and thin, but in 2013 after he had a prescription drug relapse, they momentarily split and her temper hit a head when she threw a scalding cup of coffee over his face in a heated argument.In fact, Ozzy once told told the , “Sharon was pretty p***ed off with me.She’d wait like a praying mantis to catch me out drunk or stoned.