State and local law enforcement agencies are tasked with enforcing the DUI limit.Can I still be drug tested now that marijuana is legal The law does not address the topic of drug testing but it is our understanding that employers may still conduct drug testing at their discretion.Since marijuana is illegal under federal law institutions that receive federal funds will still be subject to mandated testing.

Note: Recent legislation allows local governments to pass an ordinance to allow for a reduction in the 1000-foot buffer requirements to 100 feet around all entities except elementary and secondary schools and public playgrounds. Stores are licensed and regulated by the WSLCB but are private-sector businesses. Yes, but the marijuana products are to be consumed in Washington.

Can I incorporate marijuana sales into my existing business? Retail outlets may only sell marijuana, marijuana concentrates, marijuana infused products and marijuana paraphernalia. What is the WSLCB doing to ensure public safety, especially preventing access by minors? As expected by the voters, the rules we created include minimums for security, preventing minors’ access to marijuana and other provisions.

Educating retailers and preventing minors access to marijuana is an important part of our enforcement work today. The initiative sets a per se DUI limit of "delta-9" THC levels at greater than or equal to 5 nanograms per milliliter of blood (5 ng/m L).

Recreational marijuana sales to the public began July, 8 2014. The law creates three separate tiers: marijuana producer, marijuana processor, and marijuana retailer.

Specific license requirements are detailed in the rules which are available here.

The best way to keep up to date on the process is to register for email notifications on the WSLCB website gov. The law establishes a license application fee at 6 and a ,062 renewal fee for each of the three licenses; marijuana producer, marijuana processor and marijuana retailer. Having all three licenses is not permitted under I-502.

A licensee may hold both a producer and a processor license simultaneously.

The initiative does not allow a producer and/or processor to also be a retailer. Home grown marijuana for recreational use, as well as sale, remains illegal.

How many producer and processor licenses will be issued? The LCB opened a 30 day window in November 2013 where anyone could apply, and qualified applicants will receive licenses. Recreational use marijuana must be purchased from a state-licensed retailer.

Are there restrictions on where marijuana businesses can locate?

You cannot set up a store within 1000 feet of any elementary or secondary school, playground, recreation center or facility, child care center, public park, public transit center, library, or game arcade that allows minors to enter. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions on Advertising for more information.