Goals century, years, hours, minutes and seconds trillions swept mercilessly past. He wanted to see her eyes, it seemed to him that they should be like the sea, like a ray of sun, deep and airy look it seemed to him divine, but his dream was not to be. “Over the pass, in the deep gorge again shooting Remaining three lie on the rocks, their death is stupid And tomorrow morning will find three dead among the rocks And their death silenced people considering his guilt And tomorrow can stay on these stones I Here all shoot, here as before there is a war. Halfway I tapped his hand across his forehead: “We had to offer her help in the garden!

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But he interrupted me, saying that we are already in place.

Billions of attempts to see her face, look at her deep eyes. We like somewhere in a hurry, I finally pulled out his hand and stood, and still decided to inquire the purpose of our campaign. Here in the darkness, he firmly grabbed me and started kissing passionately, trying to shove his tongue in my mouth.

they seemed to cry, it seemed time stood still in those seconds when he touched her, when they were one! Still in the fog, I automatically followed by a blank, dark corridor, then down the stairs leading to the basement. And if I would be allowed to change anything in my life, again and again I would have gone that way.

They raced without stopping, transplanting on fresh horses, which the old tired. He praised her courage, but they both knew that if she gets tired, he’ll have to send her to the protection of home.

They were many, and they sought as soon as possible to be on their territory.

I even think a friend said this: Well, if my wife zaebyvaet you so much, then let her team – even with the future of the day on their own work at lunchtime fuck with what the guy though. She wound a lover, did not hide from Limanova she had any, measured as a housewife give birth flowers on the windowsills as enclose satin cushions cats. Tanya played on the cheeks slightly flushed, but as he was called alcohol or situation remained a mystery.Tanya embarrassment averted eyes, but her face was wandering easy half-smile.I put a plate with a glass, and sure steps, I joined a women’s group, she stopped embarrassed talking tech creek, cocktail recipe, nobody kept, I hissed cognac and admired the girls, myself comparing them to each other.My wife in ’24 I have it 173 cm high, thin gray-eyed brown-haired woman with a thin waist and neat 2 breast size, slender legs smoothly into the elastic ass, permanent fitness makes itself felt.