Nonverbal communication causes us to make many judgments and assumptions. Determine one student in each group as student A, and one as student B. Give each student a copy of the following script.4.

Whatever the case may be, you have found yourself at an impasse with your significant other.

After a breakup, it can feel like the relationship is over.

However, if your ex-partner is still in love with you, you may be able to revive your relationship.

Even if there is no spoken communication, the non-verbal signals will tell you whether your honey still loves you.

Have you ever made an instant judgment about a person, without ever speaking to him or her? Nonverbal Activity 4: Silent Movie Divide students into two or more groups. This exercise gives students a great opportunity to act out and read nonverbal messages.

Can you tell when other people are worried, afraid, or angry? For the first half of class, some students will be screenwriters and other students will be actors. The screenwriter students will write a silent movie scene, with the following tips in mind:1. It is important to start the scene with a person doing an obvious task, like cleaning the house or rowing a boat.2. We can sometimes do this because we are tuning in to nonverbal clues. This scene is interrupted when a second actor (or several actors) enters the scene. Research suggests that very little of our communication is actually verbal. The appearance of the new actor/s has a big impact. In fact, about 93% of the information we give and receive is actually nonverbal. Remember that the new characters could be animals, burglars, children, salesmen, etc.3. Through nonverbal communication, we make all kinds inferences and decisions—even though we don’t always realize it. It’s important to be aware of nonverbal messages, so we can avoid sending and receiving unintentional messages through our expressions and body movements.