I became a big believer in the power of prayer one day, twenty years ago, when I was a novice on the ski slope.

Over the years I have learned that prayer does work and that there really are angels and unseen forces healing, guiding and protecting us, in all areas of life.

For the Series, we put together a panel of some of my juiciest spiritual friends to discuss how to incorporate prayer and the divine into the Soulmate manifestation process.

In this heart-opening, soul-stirring Seminar, Interfaith minister, Rev.

Laurie Sue Brockway, shares a daily prayer for Soulmate manifestation that says: “Dear God, Loving essence of all there is, please fill me with your sacred presence.

I ask for your love and guidance and for your blessings.

As I explore the deep reaches of my heart, I ask for your assistance in releasing all that stands in the way of true love.May I be embraced in the circle of your love, may I be uplifted by your grace and may the arms of my true beloved find me.And so it is.” Gabrielle Bernstein, who teaches , shares how Soulmates are “powerful relationships that can be a catalyst to our greatest awakening.” She also reveals how her fiancé, an atheist when they first met, is now a believer and seeks her blessing every morning before going off to Wall Street.Kute Blackson, who gave his first sermon at the age of 8, shares that “who we are is already whole and complete and perfect manifestations of God, yet we sometimes develop conditioning to the contrary.” He assists people in peeling away those layers and getting in touch with the perfection and divinity already inside. And for as long as I’ve known her, she has helped me make connections with other people.From finding my prom date to introducing me to my nanny, she truly finds happiness in helping others find the relationships they are looking for.