The country's top clerical body has banned the virtual reality game by issuing a fatwa claiming it is too much like gambling and that characters are based on Darwin's evolution theory, which is rejected by Islam.It also said the game carried symbols of 'deviant' religions and organisations, such as 'international Zionism' and Israel, Christian crosses, Freemasonry, and symbols from Japan's native Shinto religion.

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Alaa al-Zahrani was found guilty of killing fellow Saudi Abdullah al-Sumairi with a rock to the head and was put to death in the Red Sea city of Jeddah (pictured) yesterday, the interior ministry said.

The High Court in London is considering whether Walid Juffali, who is worth £4billion, genuinely has legal immunity that would defeat former supermodel Christina Estrada's claim to a share of his wealth.

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The pages are said to have been excised by the Bush Administration in the interest of national security - although some believe they were classified to protect the US' relationship with ally Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia's second-in-line to the throne is creating a $2trillion public investment fund which will be the 'largest on Earth' - as the kingdom prepares for the end of the oil age as prices plummet.

Airstrikes hit a busy outdoor market in Yemen's northwestern province of Hajja, a region controlled by Shiite Houthi rebels, killing at least 65 people and injuring more than 50, many of them children.Accusing America, France, Turkey and Saudi Arabia of lobbying against Syrian interests in the Geneva peace talks, Syria's Grand Mufti Dr Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun said ISIS were killing people for money.11, 2001, attacks in New York and Washington, CIA chief John Brennan has said.Saudi Prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahd, who was spotted wearing 'mom jeans' and sandals in New York two weeks ago, was partying in the city again Tuesday night after renting out the Lucky Strike bowling alley.9/11 survivors and victims families are pushing the government to declassify 28 documents from the congressional report on the terror attack that have remained secret in the 15 years since the attack.The families of 9/11 victims including Mindy Kleinberg, pictured, are infuriated at the administration of US President Barack Obama for 'siding with Saudi Arabia', blocking attempts to hold them liable.