TLC's "Extreme Cougar Wives" returned with another special, this one spotlighting 89-year-old Jeraldine Saunders.Jeraldine is the creator of "The Love Boat," and is currently dating her 46-year old boyfriend, Donaldo.But the couple actually met when Donaldo was much younger. California first met Jeraldine at a luncheon when he was just 19-years old.

Needless to say, when I set foot on the campus of the Chien Tan Activities Center in Taipei, Taiwan, I quickly earned the nickname of “Mom”. The Love Boat really did live up to its party and hook-up, meat-market reputation.

When I was doing my homework and studying for the Chinese language tests the first day, I got a lot of stares from people and exclamations of “You’re actually studying? I’d have to say the worst thing my peers did that summer was to flood the entire dorm and classroom building from the inside out with a spontaneous indoor water fight.

” My roommates were nice girls from North California and Japan, but they brought boyfriends back to the room and smoked with friends while I was sleeping. Living in a dorm with college students and adults mixed with drugs, sex, and alcohol. I danced a little, coughed at the indoor smoking, refused drinks like a good little American puritan, and wished I had brought a book along. They ran around screaming and throwing water at each other from cups, pitchers, and water bottles.

Being a total goodie-two-shoes super nerd, I was delighted at the news. In other words, it was hell on earth for a studious bookworm like me. My mom signed me up for a Chinese language and cultural program.” They looked at the brochure my mom had given me.

“Yeah, and it’s the Love Boat.” Wide-eyed with disbelief, I marched home and pointed an accusatory finger at my mom. ” She glanced furtively up from the laundry she was ironing. When I was a high school freshman, she had asked me whether or not I had a boyfriend, and when I answered that I did not, she asked what was wrong with me.

Yup, good ole match-makin’ mom, the same one who forbade me from applying to any all-girls colleges.

Bitter at being tricked, I resolved to go on the trip and have the most educational experience possible despite the circumstances.

She planted a big kiss on him and told him she didn't want to get married because their life together was already "so perfect." She did agree to keep the ring and be "engaged" to Donaldo, which he said he was good with.

Perhaps some of the "perfect" she didn't want to mess up was the 12-hour sex sessions the couple bragged about.

By Tina Tsai “I’ve signed you up for a Chinese language and cultural program in Taiwan for this summer,” my mom informed me in Taiwanese.

I had just graduated from high school, and college was just a couple months away. Immediately I shared the news with friends and quickly found out that others in my heavily Taiwanese American neighborhood were going on the trip. Then someone asked, “So why did you decide to go on the Love Boat? It was a meat-market, hook-up Taiwanese government funded vacation for party animals.