God promised to curse the Earth no more with water but with fire this time.

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The Koran also names Jesus Christ as the judge at the last judgment of mankind.

One popular translation of the prophecy from the original Greek to English in 1611 called it "the end of the world" instead of "the end of this age" (Matthew 24: 3-38 ) For centuries, this mistake has caused confusion between the .

There are two great battles, one before the return of the king and one after that and the thousand year reign.

2.) An act of communicating or revealing divine truth.

3.) Something that is revealed ; especially of an enlightening or astonishing nature. Revelation - an incredible or enlightening disclosure." I've often thought that some of the most fantastic creatures and visions in all of the literature of mankind were found in the sacred texts of active religions. Few artists in history have even dared to attempt to paint these symbolic visions because of the controversies surrounding them...

While I've been studying legends, myths, and traditions of the ancient Orient for new illustration projects I've also been studying William Blake, Moreau, Rochegrosse, Delville, and the Symbolic artistic tradition.

In my paintings, I have endeavored to realize decadent mythology and sacred religious texts in my photo-realistic paintings with the same style of vision and reverence they showed in their works ."~HDJ "But as the days of Noah were, so shall the coming of the son of man be.

The Apocalyptic Art Gallery: Visionary, Mystical, & Symbolist Art.

Illustrations of the Prophet's visions of the future: Featuring paintings and pictures of Revelations signs and wonders.