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Derek and Julianne’s dance captain was someone you’ve likely never heard of. Kristyn Burtt claims that the pros have been told rehearsals start on February 22 – it remains to be seen if that is true or if it actually happens.

Last season was so…fluid…that we’ll have to wait and see.

I do think we’ll start to hear stuff from those with a lack of ability to keep their mouths shut.

🙂 There are some Derek fans that worry his media sweep happening next week will include an announcement about his status.

The media sweep is because of Disneyland 60 – if an announcement happens, it will likely be that he’s out. Normally the cast is announced the Tuesday AFTER the Oscars…but Derek’s schedule change is interesting to say the least. ETA2: Tom Bergeron told DWTSGossip that the cast announcement is NOT on the 26th – but the mystery regarding Derek’s obligations continues….

If he says nothing or hems and haws, it might be that he’s in. ETA: Sad to report that I may have just discovered that Derek is going to be a pro on this season. Also, recently, Mark, Val and Sharna have all implied they intend to be on this season – that is not a confirmation, though, as they’ve said similar things before just meaning they will be there if they get a partner. ETA3: According to an ABC email sent to subscribers, the DWTS pros are once again going to be on the Post Oscars Party on Live with Kelly and Michael – February 29th ETA4: Thanks to Clair on Twitter who found this photo by Andy Grammer which is apparently a rehearsal photo for Kelly and Michael? Now, last season there were pros missing at Kelly and Michael who ended up being on the show, so can’t put too much stock in it, but if you watch these interviews with Derek on PDH…well, they’re kinda weird. 🙂 I’m sure there are also people in this photo who WON’T be pros…but it’s fodder for discussion. This coincides with our source who has seen hide nor hair of Derek – no indication that he’s on this season.Since just yesterday he sounded like he was out, this may be a new development. 😉 ETA5: Just Jared just published the DWTS pros going into rehearsal. ETA11: DWTSGossip is also reporting Louis as in for the season. Also be sure to download only from sites you trust and remember to always check the site's Privacy Policy first.It’s that time of year again and who knows what kind of funky will go down this season. Will Artem get hosed again in favor of the ever annoying Val? Will Sharna continue to follow in the wrong footsteps, making unwise statements? These questions and more will hopefully be answered soon.🙂 I don’t want to hear about Jenna being dance captain.I think that is likely decided among the dancers themselves and I doubt it has any significance in regard to the show – maybe she’ll be a pro, maybe she won’t.