“It doesn’t hurt that he is the funniest man on the planet.I cry laughing all day.” Katt also went on record saying, “I’m excited.

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So Hazel E is opening up about the drama with Katt Williams little by little on Twitter.

Her latest tweets about her now ex-boyfriend come after a video of him getting choked out by a seventh grader went viral Wednesday.

She tweeted and referenced his claim that she was just one of his teammates who was sitting on the bench.

even though his legal troubles got a gun pulled on her. They took a break in March after she got caught up in a raid at his house.

We got the exes coming out of The Serving Spoon in Inglewood together, and Hazel immediately tried to play coy with our photog about the reunion ... Katt had a lot more to say about Hazel, his legendary rap sheet and drug rumors on TMZ's "Rock Rants" ...

but our sources tell us they started rekindling things this week. Which is why you gotta see what Katt said about Hazel being a ride or die chick. ’s Hazel E is in love with love, and although things didn’t work out quite the way she wanted to with Yung Berg or Chet Hanks, Hazel E has moved on and is now dating comedian Katt Williams.After giving her a shout out on stage at one of his comedy shows in Ohio, Hazel E realized Katt’s special acknowledgement raised eyebrows and confirmed the two were an item.“We met through a mutual acquaintance at an event at The London Hotel in Hollywood.Our relationship has been official for a few weeks,” Hazel E revealed to Sister 2 Sister magazine. I still blush when I see him and that’s every day,” Hazel told Sister 2 Sister.