© 2016 by Mark Dice E-Rotic was a German commercial Eurodance act, originally established back in 1994 by Lyane Leigh and Raz-Ma-Taz AKA Richard Michael Smith.Lyane and Richard had an irreconcilable argue with their manager and left the group to establish their own dance act called S*E*X* Appeal in 1996.It remained a secured secret that Lyane, even if no longer with the group, was still giving her voice to E-Rotic.

Indan sex griles phone chart-10

The interaction between Sam, Monica and the PSO trying to translate sexually explicit concepts into sign language is one of the funniest thing you'll ever see.

For this and more hilarious phone chat scenes visit Hey its mariah (: I hope you like my new video!

Its an all bad era one too ;) Thank you to the people who told me to make this video public.

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Customers can order pay per calls from your performer account and connect directly to you (the customers will not have access to your phone number).

At the end of the call your performer account is credited for 70% of the total call sale. Grimes_________________________________This is not the official music video.

I do not claim ownership to the music or the video clips featured. :)If a random stranger just walked up to you and said, "repeat after me," and then proceed to ramble a bunch of insulting and judgmental statements aimed at you, would you repeat them?

Without you guys it would have never ever been released thank you from the bottom of my heart i love you guys (: Btw i have to give a special shoutout to Gi Gi Chante18 ,cause she inspired me to make these videos and yet im inspiring her .

So From my soul and heart i love you Gi Gi your videos are the best ive seen .