It can get awkward around the office, and there is the possibility of it complicating your work life in other ways like obstructing promotions or having it used to blackmail you. Don’t make newbie mistakes like using your credit card or driving your own car straight to the motel.Use a Burner Phone One of the easiest ways to raise suspicion in your partner is by changing your phone habits.

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Cash over Cards Never use any cards to pay for anything-tryst related.

Your partner can easily find out when and where you are using this information. Watch The Mileage Whether you realize it or not, your partner knows your entire routine including how long it takes you to get to work and back, and how long it takes you to pick up milk at the grocery store. Instead, leave it at work if you said you’re working late.

There are very few reasons for you to check into a hotel for a few hours in the afternoon or late at night, and none of them are good. If you’re heading out of town for a conference, park your car at the airport.

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Like any kind of dating, there are do’s and don’ts of affair dating that will keep things running smoothly on all fronts. One surefire way to out yourself is by giving your partner a nasty infection that you caught from your sidepiece. After spending the day with your family and friends, they’re more likely to wonder where you are and what you’re doing.Especially if your affair isn’t with a stranger, there’s even more at stake. My advice would be to wait 2 weeks after any holiday before hooking up with your affair partner. Do Hold Out For The Holidays As much as you want to see your affair partner for every holiday, it’s better to wait it out.Don’t Over-Share If you’re meeting someone new for a discreet encounter, don’t share too many details about your identity or personal life.Remember, they are a wildcard and you don’t want them showing up at your house or place of work as an unwelcome surprise. Cheating is all fun and games until you get caught.Don’t Dip Your Pen In The Company Ink Even though it might seem like a good idea, because you already know them, sleeping with someone from work is always a mistake. Whether you’re new to having affairs or a veteran cheater, it’s a good thing to remember these details while you’re out trysting.