The two happily talk, they find it interesting being together, they are equally slim, beautiful, smart and sociable at parties and in public.People around would think that they are a perfect couple that can be envied with happiness.

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They seem to balance on the patience and feelings of each other, testing the strength of their feelings, and to some extent, they have their breath taken away and are dizzy from positive and negative emotions engulfing them.

Unfortunately, these emotions have little to do with trust and passionate love.

According to the compatibility horoscope, a union between a Gemini man and a Libra woman, unfortunately, is unstable - it is volatile and weightless as their protector element - the moving Air.

These two are drunk with happiness because their interests totally coincide, and they feel no infringement of their personal independence under life together.

But as it turned out, the Libra woman and Gemini man have different ideas about freedom.

Libra seeks to create a house and home, where everyone will have their rights and freedoms of his or her territory, while the Gemini man sees freedom as absence of rules and responsibilities entirely.And after a while it will happen that the Libra woman will wait for her husband at home, and the Libra man will once again be delayed by friends and forgets to call her.The relationship of this couple cannot be called any other thing than "breathtaking".The compatibility horoscope gives them many chances for a successful continuation of their dating and creation of a family, but this must be accompanied by efforts from both of them.They both have ease in communication and an amazing flexible logic, that having met, they will want to talk to each other constantly, practicing oratory.These zodiac signs have one element - Air, making their relationship just flying and air-borne.