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There's also been an addition to the Troll Dater, now you can choose between the cast of Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff in addition to many MSPA characters, more are coming soon with additional features for more random fun : D Hopely you saw our ads on many webcomics, we are world renowon and loved for our ads, they are the very best as many speak only the best about them, we love them and look forward to making many more crazy ads to lure you here and then have you give testimionals about your lovers you meet here and the many Gamer Dater babies you have here, you'll get free xp and latinum, heheee. Apparently they've remixed it more, and Gamer Dater has become one of their most remixed albums, it's pretty awesome, I love it!

Another Gamer Dater Album has been released by Lieutenant Fish and his friends for this second album about Gamer Dater, it's rather awesome and I love listening to this one aswell, it's awesome to hear a second release of an album for Gamer Dater We are testing new forums at should see them here soon. Geeky Girl Comics ♥ Check it out on Tumblr, it's getting its own website soon.

We are still seeking help if you wish to help us, we are at a stage where we could take on more Programmers and Artist for elements in our website, video games being developed or comics, drop us a line at [email protected] talk to us more about it. We will have it in the comic archives here soon too, it's getting to be a good webcomic series, a bit inspired by busty girl comics and other series : D Hello everyone, more updates are coming.

We have some new things on Gamer Dater that you might enjoy.

It was interesting to notice the rest of the internet go crazy when it happened, it was rather funny, there was quite alot of posts on the internet the minute the Curiosity touched down, it seemed like a crazy way to land it, NASA even had wil wheaten and William Shatner do narrations on the landing sequence, which is awesome, Wil Wheaten is everywhere! Hopely this will go daily like a few other things and I will continue to help Ghaleon with the other comics, they need to get updated, there's more comming to Gamer Dater too there will be a posting about that soon. Everyone at Gamer Dater and Role Playin Gamer since it's the same crew both love Phantasy Star.

I always see him across the interwebs, penny arcade, diesel sweeties, tumbrl, he's funny. We started yet another forum adventure on the MSPA fan adventures forum,"SUP4R M4R10 P41NT 4DV3NTUR3 - Ad Stuck". It's one of the best series ever, we have all loved it since the beginning of time.

We started one awhile ago and I want to get back to updating it but I think this one could be more popular since it's endelss humor like our advertising. Aparently the people at will host it too, the owner seemed to like the idea, and others, the thread is already going excelent and my friends are already enjoy it. I started off around Phantasy Star 3, that was the first Phantasy Star game I ever played, I love it's temporal elements of a which way story allowing you to choose the way the generations went, thus Phantasy Star 3: Generations of Doom, it has a fun title, that was a great game.

Troll Dater is functional, since we have so many MSPA fans here I had some fun and made a custom omegele mspa script, it's rather fun, you can choose between most the trolls and humans, about 20 of the humans and trolls, it works like trollmegle but more customized like a pesterchum chat. It's still in it's basics but you can enjoy this game as it develops, I will be making more announcements about this game down the week too.

There's some more comic updates too, those should be up soon for most comics.