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Therefore, each capsule must contain at least 500mg since you have to take one capsule right before every meal – so that's 3 pills that equals 1500mg on a daily basis.

Dosage must not exceed 3000mg since this is the maximum allowed dosage as per industry standards.

Since garcinia cambogia supplements are not considered as drugs by the FDA, they do not require an FDA approval on the product itself.

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, there are many dubious products available in the industry due to the fact that many manufacturing companies want to capitalize on its popularity in weight loss.

One way companies try to entice potential customers to purchase their products is through free trial offers – giving away free bottles and automatically enrolling your credit card into their system for automatic monthly billings. Because of the hundreds of garcinia cambogia products available in the market today, finding a reliable brand that delivers and free from hidden costs has become difficult.Luckily, The minimum dosage standard in the industry is 1500mg per day..megamenu-hover { opacity:.70; filter: alpha(opacity=70); } .megamenu-hover:hover { opacity:1; filter: alpha(opacity=100); cursor:pointer; } .submenu img { margin-bottom:5px; } .submenu { color:white ! important; } .submenu .link:hover { text-decoration:underline !important; } .submenu { max-width:250px; } .submenu .bodytext a { text-align:left; } .submenu .bodytext a:hover { text-decoration:underline !important; } /* Remove "Display Statement" from megamenu */ /*.submenu .product-tile { margin-top: 10px; } .submenu .product-tile .description { display: none; } .submenu .product-tile .content { height:auto; }*/ .nav-main .product-tile .btn-buy{max-width:160px} .quick-help-links a { text-align:left !important; margin:5px 15px 5px 0; padding-left:15px; background:url(// no-repeat left; } .quick-help-links a:hover { text-decoration:underline !