It’s not to hard in this day and age, now we have all these mobile devices you can jump on a location services app and be chatting away in a few minuets.

I wish i could share some more details of my experience, but a lot of it was in a drunken state and i’m a little bit shy to tell what i can remember.

I do hope that i’ll be back to Thailand and especially Pattaya very soon and i can sort myself out with going on more ladyboy dates and get the guts to wright a much more detailed story.

Hope you guys find someone out there on the app to, like i did.

Well I arrived in Pattaya and found an advert for Thai Joop and downloaded the app, there were a few lad boys on the app and ended up finding a couple of good bars to go to first.

From there i meet up with Bee, from one of the famous bars on walking street.

We had a few drinks in her bar and then moved on to the insomnia club, which is just up the road and got totally hammered in there on a bottle of Black label.

We did not talk much in the club, it was just dancing and getting smashed.

Be came back to my place, which is a short ride away on the motorbike taxi and stayed over the night, we had a blast and chatted till nearly 7am in the morning on the balcony.

The whole deal was sealed and i had a fantastic first ladyboy experience.