We have been filling out the application form and it asks if the helper will be supporting herself or if she will be supported by someone else (I'm assuming her employer taking her over). I mean, she will be staying with us and for mostly eating with us and buying only whatever she personally wants to buy.Jusy not sure what 'looks' better to write...we've bought the ticket already so I'd REALLY like her to come(plus she's really excited about coming with us! I actually called the Consulate today just to ask a few questions and check the cost etc. Am a little worried they may have a problem with the fact she has only been with us a couple of months. Hi there, want to take my domestic helper to australia Nov 2015.Some recent changes to the visa since 2013 i read on the consulate website. I know my domestic is not supposed to 'work' but rather just to join the family for a holiday.

i applied in nov last year and it took them just 10 days to issue the visa to my indonesian helper. we submitted all the correct forms and i was quite surprised the process was so simple.

i have heard of rejections but i don't know what the employers did to get rejected.

you can download all the forms on the net so saves you or your helper one less trip to the consulate.

..maybe that's the reason behind some of the rejected applications - because the applicants are honest and state the reason for the DH accompanying them is to look after their kids etc etc (which equates to working). Hi, I have a couple of questions for those who have applied for an Aust vis and been granted it.

Wondering anyone with experience of bringing their filipino helper back to Australia for holiday as to where I should apply visa (travel agent vs aussie embassy) and how long they typically grant eg 1month vs 3 months?

If you visit the Australian Consulate General website you'll find details covering this precise situation (because the issue comes up so often for various reasons).

Or you can visit the office in Wanchai and pick up a leaflet as you exit the lift.

Incidentally, whilst it's encouraging to read the report above it's also worth noting that many such applications are also rejected.

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