v=P0JPLqjw F-c “After subjecting myself to multiple hours of The Gabbie Show, I became increasingly jealous.So I am going to sit here and complain about a young girl just trying to make a living – just to make myself feel better,” the You Tuber joked.The video was also posted on “Now, before I start, I want you all to remember that she has over 700,000 subscribers and won an MTV Video Music Award.

Gabrielle stumbled upon the viral video, and decided to respond.

She started off by saying that she was not a “comedian” – just “an internet person”.

She defended her “Remember the Titans” joke and said that “two people might have shared a similar thought”.

She said she was a “huge fan” of all the listed comedians. People are sponges.” She put forward the theory that she might have accidentally “remembered” the Louis C.

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