The following metrics are collected directly via WMI.Note: IIS 6 Management compatibility role no longer needs to be installed on the server side in order to use the IIS Sites component.

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The properties and relationships will be periodically updated by modeling.

Perfmon counters are collected using the Power Shell Get-Counter Cmdlet within a remove shell (Win RS).

The following metrics will be collected every 5 minutes by default.

Any other Windows Perfmon counters can also be collected by adding them to the appropriate monitoring template.

Note: If monitoring Exchange with a non-administrator user, the user must be a member of the Active Directory group "Exchange View-Only Administrators" for pre-2010 Exchange installations or "View Only Organization Management" for 2010 and later installations.

Note: The IIS monitoring template will only be used when IIS is found during modeling.

Note: The IISAdmin service must be running in order to collect IIS data.

This Zen Pack provides support for monitoring Microsoft Windows.

Monitoring is performed using the Windows Remote Management (Win RM) and Windows Remote Shell (Win RS) to collect Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and Perfmon data.

Note: This Zen Pack supersedes the earlier Zen Pack named Zen Packs.zenoss.

Windows Monitor for Windows platforms that support Win RM. Windows Monitor installed on your system, please read the #Transitioning from Windows Monitor section below.