Unable to recognize HDPro during setup in Mac or Windows machine? But S2VR ultilizes the most reliable components for daily use using reliable, quality components. Most SATA storage solutions have to use justify their components for the best cost per performance. Write down current RAID settings - Performance, Protected, JBOD and Turbo number for future reference. Unplug existing drives one by one until you unpopulated/pull out all drive modules. Wait for few seconds until S2VR Manager shows that all drives "unplugged.". RAIDShield can see HDPro but drive is not in Windows Disk Management? How to create larger than 2TB single RAID set in HDPro for windows XP? How to add a redundant power supply to your HDPro Tower? Unable to install HDPro's driver in Windows Vista 64-bit? I would like to use the HDPro with my PCI-X machine, can the HDPro be used with my machine and would I experience slower performance? The default dip swtich setting is: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7: ON In order to experience the best performance with the 10 meter PCIe cable, you will need to configure dip switch to: 1, 2, 3: ON 4, 5, 6, 7: OFF Normally, if there is no hardware failure, this is related to connection problem. Everything from host interface card, internal RAID controller, software utility, driver and firmware are designed and developed by Cal Digit. At this moment, all selections and buttons are disabled and gray out.

does updating mac os delete everything-1

- If your computer is NOT on, the Thunderbolt device will not run.

- If the Thunderbolt device is not connected, it will not run either.

- The best method is: power ON your computer first, then connect the Thunderbolt device to your computer.

After that, please turn ON the Thunderbot device if there is a power switch on it. Try to move the Thunderbolt device into the front of a Thunderbolt chain.

- If you are daisy chaining the new Thunderbolt device, please try moving it as the first Thunderbolt device in the chain to test run it.

- Try a different wall mount or outlet for the Thunderbolt device AC adapter as well. Number of real-time video streams supported by Cal Digit products (PDF) 2. Cal Digit RAID Card vs other Mac Pro RAID card (PDF) 3. In order to connect Thunderbolt device, you need to ensure your computer has a Thunderbolt port. Yes, you can use the S2VR on your G4 PCI machine, with our FASTA-4x (PCI-x Controller card) as PCI-x is downward compatible with PCI, but? o you would experience slightly slower performance. For example, if your Mac or PC is from the year 2010, it would not be a Thunderbolt enabled computer. I created a joint array via my Cal Digit RAID card and HDElement, how come it is not showing on the desktop? How come my RAID card is not recognizing the HDElement? What is the rebuilding time under RAID 5 for the HDPro? What is the capacity loss, when the HDPro is set to RAID 5 or 6? Also, the minimum system requirement for your G4 PCI machine running a S2VR? See more information here: Here has some other steps to trouble shoot the Thunderbolt device detection problem: A. Try a different thunderbolt cable - If possible, please try the Apple Thunderbolt Cable. Please make sure your OSX is fully up to date, then verify and repair your OSX permission. I am encountering gray screen while bootin up the OS from the RAID card?