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And this despite the fact that Ukrainian and Russian women are considered one of the most beautiful women in the world.

One of the reasons is that in Russia and Ukraine the men’s deaths between 25-45 years old is 4 times more than women’s death of the same age group.

The result is that in Russia there are 10 million more women than men, and in Ukraine there are 3 million more.

Investigate the cause of this phenomenon is not a topic of our site.

I think the second most important reason is the low standard of living in Russia and Ukraine.

But what do you expect if even a qualified doctor’s salary is about 300 USD, can his family have a decent standard of living?How can you blame women for that they are looking for a decent life for themselves and their present and future children, because they want to give their children a good education and health, for they want happiness and love for themselves.There are certainly many other reasons: political and financial instability, men’s drinking, some just tired of this life ...That is why Russian and Ukrainian girls and women, beautiful women, good wives and mothers, splendid housewives are looking for their happiness abroad.Do not miss your chance as maybe this is your happiness too.Every day men and women send each other more than 50,000 letters on our site. You can write a little letter to the girl and invite her to the chat for further communication.