Many men prefer to pay for a woman on a date, but appreciate it when she offers to pay for herself. Conventional wisdom tells us that men want sex much more than women, though that isn’t always the case.Even though many men won’t let her pay, the fact that she offered shows the man that she isn’t automatically expecting it. During the dating process, men often feel frustrated, feeling as if women put the breaks on having sex – not because the women don’t want to have sex, but because the women enjoy playing hard to get and making men “work for it,” as a male client of mine put it.Sometimes women will joke with men early in the dating process, saying things like, “You’re going to have to wait a little longer.” Men get turned off when they feel that women are using sex as a sort of power move, and they’ll often lose interest if the games continue for too long.

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If you don’t want to become intimate early on with a man, that’s fine — and even a good thing!

But if you want to wait to have sex, tell him in a matter-of-fact way why it’s important to you to wait and be careful not to tease him.

Teasing or joking about it makes him think you’re getting a rush out of making him wait, and he will lose interest if he feels that you’re not being authentic with him.

Well, I can tell you that some men are happy to pay, expect to pay, and want to pay for their dates with a woman.

There are a lot of other men, however, who think it’s confusing why a woman who works would expect a man to pay for her when she’s perfectly capable of paying for herself.

Some men end up feeling resentful that women turn them into an automatic financial provider, even though they may not even know each other’s last names!

How to handle the issue: Always offer to pay for yourself on a date.

As a relationship expert who counsels men and women of every age and ethnicity, I hear more than my fair share of complaints about the opposite sex.

When it comes to men, I can share with you some of their most profound turnoffs and what women can do to turn on — and not turn off — men they’re interested in.

The good news for women is that the vast majority of men are looking for love and companionship from a woman, so the key is understanding the opposite sex better so that men and women can have happy and productive relationships with each other. Before we go further, ask yourself the following questions: Do you expect that a man will foot the bill on your first date?

How would you feel if he offered to split the bill with you?