Last year’s infamous Ashley Madison hack revealed a statistic that seemed to confirm what many already feared about online dating.The site’s database included over 31 million male users and just 5.5 million female users.Of those profiles, only a small percentage were real and active: around 20 million men and 2,500 women.

The vast majority of Ashley Madison’s female users were inactive or, worse, not real to begin with.

Since then, singles have become even more skeptical of the veracity of women’s profiles on dating sites.

Survey Monkey Intelligence recently put those suspicions to the test by studying which dating apps have the highest proportion of women.

The bottom of the bunch is no surprise: Grindr, an app geared towards gay and bisexual men.

Some of the entries farther up on the list are equally unsurprising.

Coffee Meets Bagel and Bumble, both female-friendly apps, scored relatively high.

Tinder and Plenty Of Fish found themselves in the middle of the pack, despite having more users than any of the other apps tested.

But the number one spot is where things get interesting.

Topping the list, with a userbase that’s 58.6% female, is Christian Mingle.