They have to be virtually flawless or we send them back.In some cases we even reinforce factory packaging to keep the shipping companies from destroying your globe before it comes to you.

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If you look at your local library or in the Oval Office, chances are you will see a Replogle Globe there.

Workman (workpeople) with years of experience carefully bond the two globe halves together.

On the other side of the factory skilled woodworkers are building the matching base.

The quality of their wooden bases on floor globes match the finest furniture.

Upstairs, highly trained cartographers are scanning the latest political news to see if any changes need to be made to cities or countries.

It is really the combination of these three areas that makes the Replogle Globe the pinnacle of their craft. The factory prohibits us from showing our very low price. During business hours (a ~ pm Eastern Time) you will talk to real live person who is there to address your globe needs.You will find the opportunity for secure, encrypted on-line order entry on each globe page. We make sure each model we have in stock is totally up-to-date.If we do not have one on hand, we can always drop ship one from the factory. we are always your source for the best price in name brand globes. We help you facilitate Replogle's update program too.Many of the desk globes come with a registration post-card that will allow you to purchase an updated globe ball from Replogle if the world changes in the next few years.Here's another advantage to buying globes from The Map Shop.We always carefully check over the globes we have in stock from the factory.