The place is a favorite of local celebrities and important people on the island, making it a must-see for tourists.The Waiola Bakery and Shave Ice is another place where you can savor other Hawaiian delicacies.

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While there, you should not miss going down Kapahulu Avenue.

Known for it’s festive atmosphere and almost daily luaus, the place is actually a long line of eating places , restaurants and food shops that range from the most exclusive and upscale to mom and pop diners that offer anything from traditional Hawaiian food to the best of Western cuisine.

Aside from food, the avenue is also the perfect place for anything vintage and is the best place to shop for souvenirs for the people back home.

Food places that are worth a look include the following the Ono Hawaiian Food, Leonard’s Bakery, and Tokkuri-Tei, to name a few.

The Ono Hawaiian Food is the perfect place to sample the traditional Hawaiian pork delicacy the kalua pork, roasted on fiery hot coals while covered in banana or taro leaves.

If you are like most tourists, you would have gotten your fill of kalua pork on traditional luaus but if you missed it there, this is the next best thing.For the whole experience, you can choose to have the flashier version of the kalua pork, where it is served right out of the imu, the underground pit where it is cooked covered with taro leaves.If only for the diversity of products and foods that you will see there, you should not miss the avenue.Kapahulu Avenue is one route to the freeway that leads to the airport but it’s never a good idea to just make a quick stop before leaving the island.This is because with so many places along the avenue to explore, a day will not be enough to see all the sights and see everything that this tiny strip of Honolulu holds.Like many other tourists who have just arrived, you are sure to have a good time passing through the avenue on your way to Waikiki, which is considered a larger tourist destination.