I recently met someone who moved here from El Salvador.Through conversation and finding out that she is very wealthy, I have discovered that her and her family are like extremely rich.Her father owns a factory and multiple port warehouses there and she owns a couple companies here.

But if one discovers that it isn't adequate to maintain the lifestyle the wife is accustomed to and can easily afford, that can get to a man's self-respect with time.

And with time, the things that bond a marriage change, one of them being the way decisions are made.

This does not have to be the case; it depends on the individuals, perhaps greatly on how savvy the man is in financial matters, earning her respect as a confidant and advisor - and also the respect of her family.

I am just really intimidated by the idea of all that money and the power that her family has, cuz I am a simple guy that makes an average professional salary per year, but she quadruples mine easily. I feel like a homeless guy would feel trying to date the presidents daughter! I once dated a young man who came from a wealthy family.

He had been raised to be suspicious of "gold-diggers" who might pretend to like him only because of his money.

Unfortunately, his suspicions were so ingrained that he could not believe that I truly liked him for himself.

We broke up, and several years later I learned that he had married a rich girl.

I think you are right to be thinking about the situation.

If what you describe is true, one day you could feel that all the financial decisions are hers.