In reality, from what the hosts say, there might only be 20 or 30 people. Ok I so went to DC last night at a club called Midtown, not a bad club at all.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

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So there are three events tonight in my area, one is in Philly which is 3 hours away and too far, one is in DC and the other is in Annapolis, Annapolis would be the closest but I've never partied in DC before so I'm going to that one.

There was talk of some host(esses) of POF events having their friends join the attending list to inflate numbers.

From what I've seen, hosts don't like it when people sign up on the event page, then don't show up at the actual event.

The one event I attended, the host had a sign up sheet. The event pages claim the average POF attendee brings along 3 guests!

This makes it sound like an event where 65 people sign up would have nearly 200 people. I like the fishing boats who sell their catch along the Potomac River & in’s got to be fresh or smoked shrimp boil & the clam cakes..This is going to be kinda long, it was an interesting night to say the least.

By the looks of the club it seems a bit upscale but the event is free and there are drink specials so why not?

I'm actually going to change up my wardrobe a little bit, I would normally wear a nice collard shirt but I'm going to buy a vest this time and wear that along with a dress shirt.