(Files also attached to this post) They're very short, less than .There is a small difference between these two recordings. They're different, but I wouldn't say one is better than the other. Oh well, I guess from that I can conclude that they couldn't find any discernible difference. Specifically, a nearly new (Dec, 2007), 914CE, (supposedly) the same guitar Dave Mathews plays.I'll post what it is after I get some amount of feedback. Of course, I'd love to hear any other comments as well, from "Please sign with us" to "Are you off your meds? If you have the bandwidth, there are CD-quality files available at they are about 10x the size. It cost me $3000+, and I was happy to pay what I did.

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Except for the EQ, there was no processing, no compression, etc. Both are usable, but the taylor has definately more definition. The Taylor clip is A LOT louder, which could skew a first impression.

The lows are fuller, the highs are brighter, smart mic placement could get you whatever you want. Lower the volume of the Taylor clip by like half and then listen. I'd be interested to hear them both without any EQ.

Thanks for all the feedback, but I've got to be a bit skeptical of the opinions that came in after the disclosure.

It's my nature to be skeptical As for the mic placement, I did what I read in many books, one about 12 inches in front of the 12th fret, one about 12 inches from the body from a spot just behind the bridge.

The clips you heard were the result of some experimentation on that.

I think the sounds varies tremendously by very small adjustments.

I was actually a little disappointed in the sound, I'll be doing some more moving around and experimenting.

I am most interested in people's opinion of E vs T. The strings on the Epiphone are (much) older than the Taylor guitar.

Which one do you like better, why, what equipment/SW/FX do you think were used, etc. Other than that, the only difference is a little bit of EQ (slightly different on each).